Rihanna’s Boyfriend Parents Mom Brother And Sister Information About


Rihanna’s Boyfriend Parents Mom Brother And Sister Information About

Rihanna’s Boyfriend Parents Mom Brother And Sister Information About

Since 2005 when she marked a record manage Def Jam records, Rihanna has turned out to be more than a power to figure with and unmistakably a standout amongst the most significant female craftsmen of her time. The artist is from Barbados and has figured out how to join herself into the American and worldwide society all in all.

As her pertinence increments, and we trust it does by the second, the more we need to know all the delicious insights about her life. In the first place on the rundown is Rihanna’s sweetheart, however it would be a disgrace to jump into the subject without bringing a trek through a world of fond memories with the ‘phantom of beau’s past’.

Rihanna’s Boyfriend(s)

The ‘great young lady turned sour’ has never neglected to demonstrate to us that she ‘might be terrible, however flawlessly great at it’, her affection life is positively a demonstration of that. From her various on-and-offs, to the shocking subtle elements that have prompted significantly more outrageous breakups, Riri has certainly taken every one of us along on the exciting ride that is her affection life.

Rihanna’s beau in 2003, who likewise happened to be her first sweetheart was Negus Sealy. The couple was spotted together again 8 years after the fact in Barbados and it resembled the relationship was back on.

Since 2005, when Jay-Z found her, they have been reputed to be impractically required, over and over, they have needed to squash the bits of gossip. The most prominent and likely the most dubious of Rihanna’s connections, was the one she had with Chris Brown.

They were initially seen together in 2005, however authoritatively turned out as a couple in 2008, and their separation was extremely sensational. Chris Brown physically ambushed the Barbadian excellence and was captured, this prompted their first separate, yes, I said first. In 2012 the couple revived their sentiment and in May 2013 the blazes of their relationship were fanned out.



In 2009, Rihanna’s affection interest was none other than, American expert baseball player, Matt Kemp. The relationship went on for around a year.

Drake and Rihanna additionally have that on and off element going on, he was initially connected to Rihanna after she parted ways with Chris Brown and the two have been befuddling everybody. As later as a month ago they turned out as several, an insider told E! News ‘regardless he cherishes her and never ceased. Rihanna is the one that has been not having any desire to settle down previously’, and that implies Drake takes the title of ‘Rihanna’s beau’.

Rihanna’s Parents

Rihanna was naturally introduced to the place of Ronald Fenty and Monica Braithwaite, a previous distribution center administrator and a resigned bookkeeper separately. Her dad is of Barbadian and Irish plunge while her mom is Afro-Guyanese; this has earned Riri her blended race status.

The Fenty family experienced more than what’s coming to its of turbulence; while she was growing up, her dad was a drunkard and split junkie. Over and over, he beat Monica and once laid hands on Rihanna as well. When she was 14 years of age, the marriage finished.

Lately, she keeps up a decent association with both of her folks, in spite of the fact that she hit a tough situation with her dad and declined to address him after he sold data to the press about her drop out with Chris Brown.

Her mom then again remains a sweetheart, once on Oprah, Rihanna said that she regularly sends her mom, Monica, blessings yet they get sent back to her if Monica supposes they are excessively costly. One of such blessings was a five-room house in Barbados.

Rihanna’s Siblings

Aside from her siblings, Rorrey and Rajad, who have the same mother and father as the star, she has half-kin. Prior to Rihanna’s folks met, her dad had three connections. The kin have all met and interfaced on various events.

Rihanna’s Sisters

The star has two sisters and she initially met her most established sister Kandy, when she was only 15. Kandy is a drug specialist’s right hand in Barbados and she has two little girls, Brandy and Crystal.

Rihanna’s other sister’s name is Samantha and she is an arrangement expert for Caribbean local governments. She met Rihanna when the star was only three and the two got along exceptionally well.

Rihanna’s Brothers

Rihanna has three siblings by and large and one of them is her progression sibling. His name is Jamie and he is a visual craftsman.

Her more youthful siblings are Rorrey and Rajad Fenty; she is unmistakably nearer to the them two than whatever remains of her kin.


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