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Jesse Palmer is a Canadian former professional football player now sports commentator and a special contributor for Good Morning America.

The sports lover played a quarter back in National Football League for more than four seasons, played football at the University of Florida and often came in highlights of The Bachelor’s show.

Jesse Palmer Married, Wife, Gay, Girlfriend

Jesse Palmer is practically a “ladies man”. He is loved by the ladies not just because of his physique but also because of his unique skills. He is known to be in a company with beautiful women, but he is yet to make anyone his wife.

In 2004, the handsome player appeared on the show “The Bachelor Show” hosted by Chris Harrison, so he would give the ladies a chance to spend time him and, of course, to see if he would find a wife of his dreams.

Palmer was the first professional athlete to appear on the television program and the first non-American bachelor, in which he was given the chance to make his choice of an eligible single woman.

It was in fact, at the meeting that he met Jessica Bowlin – a 22-year old California law student out of 25 contestants on the show. Unfortunately for the two, their courtship never saw a happy ending, lasted for only a few months after the end of the show.

When asked what led to their break up, Jesse only said their next step is totally different and leads to the totally different world. The fact remains that Jesse never proposed to Jessica, instead he presented her with a one-way first class ticket to New York.

While Jessica is presently married and even become the mother of two children, Jesse is yet to be seen in strong relationship with any woman.

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Jesse Palmer rarely talks about his personal life and doesn’t seek public attention like other celebrities. He is currently engaged in his work. Checking through his social sites, he is not seen with any women who can be labelled as his girlfriend.This pop up a question of whether he is gay.

Though no evidence to prove whether or not he is gay, there are rumours that the handsome and elegant looking athlete stands the chance of being one considering his ‘Troy Aikman gay face look’, ‘big, strapping’ body type and his ‘stylish moves’.

The hunk bachelorette is amazingly tall with the height of 6 feet 2 inch with 99 kg of weight.

Gay or not, Jesse Palmer dated Jessica Bowlin for a while and at 39, he is yet to make mention of any long term female in his life. He said he is happy that he is being loved by many of his fans both male and female.

Jesse Palmer Net Worth

As someone who is married to his job, Jesse is earning handsomely both from his salary as a sports analyst and other personal activities.

He currently works as a sports analysts for ESPN/ABC as well as a ‘special contributor’ for Good Morning America. His net worth is believed to be over $4 million as his salary skyrockets every year due to his hard work and success he earns every year.



Jesse gained popularity because of how he likes to appear shirtless while he was on the reality show.  Many of his fans liked how he looked in pictures. He has a number of followers because of his looks with a charming attitude.

Jesse owns a Toyota Celica and has been enjoying an expensive lifestyle. His investment has remained hidden from the media but despite having such an amazing net worth and salary, he is not found much involved in charitable organizations.

In August 2017, he signed on to host “DailyMailTV,” a daily syndicated series.

“I’m honoured to be joining DailyMailTV,” Palmer said. “I’ve always been a huge fan of, so to bring the world’s most read English language newspaper website to television for the first time is an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.”