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Chip was sentenced to jail for fifteen months in the anchorage complex Correction Complex from July 2017 with charges of perjury and offering incorrect statements to the police authorities in July 2011. It started with Chip Hailstone filing statements against a state trooper with claims that the trooper has physically assaulted his daughter who was at the age of seventeen years then. Chip Hailstone accused the trooper of holding his daughter’s hand inappropriately.

In another allegation, he accused someone of pointing a gun at his daughter, Tingmaq during a fierce confrontation which also involves his adopted son, John and others with a family in Noorvik. In his admission, he confirmed that these incidents are capable of truncating the safety of his family and it is better to inform the police. This led him to file a restraining order for his daughter against Trooper Blitz as he accused the officer of making sexual advances towards Tingmaq, his daughter when they were interrogated.

On the contrary, Hailstone’s claims about the sexual advances towards his daughter were countered by the testimony of Blitz’s colleague, Young. In the words of Trooper Young, he said his colleague, Trooper Blitz held Tingmaq in an escort position and offered an apology for the act, and Chip Hailstone is not oblivious of the excuse provided by Trooper Blitz.

Chip Hailstone failed to provide proofs to defend his claims, and he was charged with false statements against a state trooper despite the intervention of attorney Kerry who said the police could not confirm if the Hailstone’s allegations are false. Due to a lack of evidence, Chip Hailstone will be in prison until October 2018 when his 15-month jail term is completed.

Chip Hailstone is an individual currently living a life that most people would not like to live. His family is privileged to be one of the six families whose lifestyle are premiered on the National Geographic Channel’s reality television series called “Life Below Zero.” His lifestyle is considered primitive by various people who are enjoying the privileges of the 21st century, but we have to admit that it is not easy to live the life of Chip Hailstone.



Chip Hailstone was born in Kalispell, Montana with the date of birth shrouded in mystery. His actual name is Edward V Hailstone, and the names of his parents are Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone. He had his childhood experience in Kalispell where he was equipped with hunting and fishing proficiencies. At the age of nineteen in 1988, Chip paid a visit to Alaska and made Noorvik, his abode. Noorvik was a small city in Alaska with about seven hundred residents living in the place.

After living in Alaska for a few years, Chip Hailstone met an Alaskan native who also a hunter named Agnes. They became friends and later got married to each other but there is no confirmation of their wedding date, but it is suggested that the time could be in the mid-1990s. Agnes was born in 1972 and three years younger than her husband and they have been living together in Noorvik and blessed with five children. The names of their daughters are Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan.

It is on record that the primitive lifestyle of the Hailstone does not affect the academics of the children as they are doing excellent in their academic pursuits. Iriqtaq is presently in college after completing her high school in 2015. Mary and Iriqtaq are great athletes as Mary was the captain of the basketball team in her freshman year. Agnes had two sons from a previous union, and these men are into full-time hunting like Chip Hailstone.

His family lives close to the Kobuk River in Noorvik, and they usually move to be in the wild as the season unfolds. The family embarks on food hunting and eats any game caught in the expedition; they also use the non-edible components of the captured animals to make some arts which are sold on a barter system.

Chip’s height is measured at 5 feet 9 inches (1.76m)

Net Worth Information About
Chip Hailstone’s Net Worth Information About is considered to be around $200,000 as his family makes artifacts from the sales of animal parts such as bones, skin, teeth, etc.

Age: 49 years
Horoscope: Pisces
Place of Birth: Kalispell, Montana, United States
Profession: TV Personality
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: American


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