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Tom Cruise is one of the most powerful, famous and successful American actors and film makers. He is credited for a number of great movies he has made and starred in since he joined the Hollywood entertainment industry. Besides his acting talent, Cruise has become famous for many other reasons including his religion. As with many other celebrities in the United States, their names suggest that they were born into Christian families but their religious practices, usually resulting from indoctrination result in much different belief system.

It is no doubt that most celebrities including Tom Cruise are thought to owe their success to some kind of supernatural power (in most cases secret/cultic groups) but what really is the truth. Some have gone as far as declaring their devotion to such cultic groups while others have denied belonging to such groups even though they appear to promote their practices through symbolism. The question is what is the relationship between Tom Cruise and Religion of Scientology?

What Is Scientology?

Before we delve into discussing the relationship between Tom Cruise and religion of scientology, it is important to shed some light on the term for the benefits of those who do know what scientology really means. There is no better way to define scientology other than to say it is a 21st century religious system that is based on seeking self-knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge via graded courses of training and studying.

That might be mouthful for most people to understand. It is better understood as a science based religion where proponents believe that humans are immortal alien beings, referred to by scientologists as thetans, who seem to have forgotten their true nature and are currently trapped on earth in a mortal human body. The main role of scientology and main action is to save the so-called aliens from the lies of perpetrated by the previous religious groups including Christianity.

How is Tom Cruise Involved with Religion of Scientology?

It may be much of assumption but it is almost a fact that the Hollywood star was actually born Christian. Based on his given name Thomas Cruise Mapother, we must be forgiven to assume that both his parents subscribed to Christianity. In fact, the movie star was a Christian when he entered into the movie industry. It is his first wife, Mimi Rogers who introduced Cruise to the Church of Scientology and its associated social programs. He became officially involved with the group in 1990.

Tom cruise scientology

The filmmaker has come out to be one of the most outspoken advocates for scientology and considered a high-ranking member of the religious group. The actor was born with dyslexia, condition characterized by difficulties in reading despite having normal intelligence. Cruise credits scientology for helping him overcome dyslexia. Whether this is true or not is not for you and I to decipher. He is however convinced that he owes his success to scientology despite the fact that he joined the religious after he had been spotted as a talented young man.

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As previously mentioned, Cruise is a strong advocate for the religion of scientology. Apart from promoting several programs designed to introduce people to the religion, the star has literally campaigned for scientology to be formally recognized as religion in Europe. Over the course of time, Cruise has made some strong statements that have drawn a lot of controversy majorly from the medical field. For example, he made the unfortunate statement that he thought psychiatry should be outlawed.

After his divorce with his first wife, it is believed that the Church of Scientology was very instrumental in find the actor a suitable’ wife as replacement. Unfortunately, it seems things did not go right because those relationships never worked. As a matter of fact, it is believed that his last marriage to Katie Holmes crumbled because of the actor’s involvement with scientology.

It is Holmes that filed for divorce and according to the California state rules the circumstances that lead to divorce cannot be revealed. However, in a recent development, Cruise’s third ex-wife revealed that she filed for divorce because of her husband’s involvement with Scientology and her desire to protect her daughter Suri from the activities and indoctrination of the suspicious religious group. In fact, Cruise lost custody of his daughter (now aged 9) and he is rarely seen with her.

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