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Michelle Keegan is blessed with amazing genes, and she knows how to make the most of it. Have a look at her Information About here, to learn how she has trained herself to hit the gym despite hating it, how she never hesitates to indulge a little and how she tackles body hang-ups among other Information About.

Not a Gym Bunny

The stunner admits that she is not a gym bunny and hates going to the gym. She even hates getting ready to go to the gym, walking into it and being in it.

The exercise she hates the most is lunges because she is not too good at it. She even admits to screaming while she needs to do lunges with weights.

Information About

Despite hating the gym so much, the diva has got an irresistible torso by doing 8-minute abs. She has been doing it for weeks when she can be bothered to take care of her body. This exercise method works for her because she can do it anywhere, be it her living room, bedroom, bathroom or even her kitchen while waiting for her breakfast to cook.

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