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The art of suggesting to society what is available to them from a variety of options can be a sometimes tricky one as people tend to have their preferences for one reason or the other. The consumer market is a hard sea to sail in and as an advert guy you must posses the necessary skills to pull people in their droves to purchase your products. This is why in the modern era, multi million and billion dollar corporations invest large chunks of capital into advertising, aiming to somewhat sway public opinion about products they have to offer. Michel Stern has spent his entire adult career life convincing from the most extreme of critics to the most feeble serial believers, to purchase the products he advertises. While his more famous wife Lisa Kudrow struts her stuff on the big screens, the ever suave Frenchman focuses on his advertising career.

Michel Stern Bio

There are those who thrive on being secretive and for one reason or the other, I tend to get the feeling that our subject of interest is exactly that sort of person. He is so much of a mystery man that whatever we know about him are just tit bits that fell from the crumbs of his wife who is a household name. Anyway, we still have to relate the little we were able to find out about him.

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Michel Stern is French. That’s about all we know. Wait a minute. That is not. His birth date, early childhood, any sort of link or story about his parents have been masterfully omitted from any of his bios. He is a native of France, He also holds an American citizenship moving to the United States of America when he was younger. Michel is a French ad executive.

Relationship with Lisa Kudrow, Wife

Unlike most of his male contemporaries in the modern world it seems to us that he is a one woman kind of guy. He is currently married to the evergreen and timeless beauty that is the American actress, Lisa Kudrow. Michel reportedly met his long time wife Lisa Kudrow, some six years before they got married. Lisa who herself is fluent in French met Michel through her one time French roommate; talk about a French connection.

Michel at the time was seeing Lisa’s roommate. The polite, shy personality of the American lady seemed to have swept the French bloke off his feet. There has been talk of them having experienced the feat of love at first sight and all. Michel broke up with the roommate and as luck would have it, he met Lisa later on in life and on May 27, 1995 they decided to tie the knot in Malibu, California, United States. Michel was 37 years old at the time, his wife Lisa Kudrow was 31 years old. It has been a beautiful story, living in a society that has seen numerous divorce cases.

Lisa Kudrow, Stern’s wife is an American actress, producer, comedian and writer. She was born to Nedra and Lee Kudrow. She is famously known for her role playing Phoebe Buffay in a 10 season long TV sitcom Friends. She is a multiple award winner having won an Emmy Award and snagged a couple of Screen Actors Guild Awards. She is a native of Los Angeles, California. Before her career in acting effectively kicked off she was working with her dad as part of his staff.


Michel Stern
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Lisa is extremely popular, besides that she has not let that fame come between her and the man she has chosen to marry. They have been married for twenty-two years and they have not been separated since they got together. The couple takes the time out to always celebrate her birthday on July 30.

Michel Stern Kids, Son

Michel Stern has for the past twenty two years enjoyed a rather happy married life. He has only had one woman Lisa Kudrow who has given him a son, Julian Murray Stern. He was born on 1998, there has not been any talk of him venturing into either of his parents professions or any other one for that matter, at least not yet. Julian is the only child of both parents.


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