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Loren Gray is an American actress, musician, model and teen social media star famous for her Loren Gray (which she started in July 2015), YouTube, Instagram, and YouNow accounts.

She is white by ethnicity and American by nationality, blonde, blue eyes, her body measurements are; 32-24-33 and she is about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Loren Gray Biography

Loren Gray Beech was born on the 19th of April 2002 in Pennsylvania, USA; to American parents. There are no given or known information on her parents but we do know that her parents are divorced and she chose to be known as Loren gray.

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After the divorce, she stayed with her mother but also disclosed that she stays in contact with her father. She has a step-sister from her father’s side and she is eight years older. It’s known that they hardly keep in touch.

Loren Gray Education

The teen star decided to be home-schooled with her reason being that she doesn’t like public schools. She is currently in Middle school.


Loren Gray began her career as a child model where she appeared in Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine. Growing up, she became popular with her account where she has gained over seventeen million followers making her one of the most heavily followed stars on the platform.

She also has an active YouTube page/ channel with over one million subscribers. She is also very active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram (with over seven million followers), and Twitter (with over 686 thousand followers).

Loren Gray has also modeled for a lot of advertising agencies and platforms like; Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, and modeled products like clothes and bags. She was also nominated for the People’s Choice Awards in 2016; unfortunately, she did not win the award as it went to Baby Ariel (a Muser and YouTuber from Florida).

With her wide range of social involvements, we are expecting to see her wiki page pop up very soon.


Loren Gray currently has a very active Instagram account with over 7.6 million followers. You can follower her on her Instagram account using her handle @loren.

She currently has over 700 posts of pictures from outings, makeup tutorials, and her dog pup. Pup has his own dedicated page via the handle @angelpom (with over 115 thousand followers and 7 posts).

It’s never a dull moment for followers on her page.



Loren Gray Relationship

Loren Gray
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It is known that Loren Gray has been in a number of relationships and she had her various reasons for parting ways with them; with her most recent affair with Juwaney Roman hitting rocks in 2016 because “he was too dictating”.

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She spoke at length about this on her twitter page explaining how controlling he was and how he dictated what she wore and how she dressed.

“If a boy is telling you how to dress, please run. Run as fast as you can never look back. You don’t tell someone that you don’t like them dressing a certain way. If that’s your girl. Then you respect her and respect that she knows what looks best on her body. I wasn’t allowed to wear certain clothes that were revealing.”

She said on her twitter page, she then went on to shed light on the issue saying and advising her fans;

“If he wants to control your life, leave, please. Run as fast as you can because it’ll only keep going. It’ll only continue. And I don’t want that for any of you ever.”

It was also known that Roman didn’t accept the breakup and their mothers had to be involved. She was seen with young Mark Thomas but we really can’t tell if the two are a couple or not.

Relationship With Joey Kisluk

Before Juwaney Roman, Loren was previously in a relationship with Joey Kisluk (a muser popular for his YouNow and Instagram accounts; he’s also a star).

Unlike her recent relationship, she had a loving connection with Joey who she dated for over 2 years. Unfortunately, she started dating him at a very young age (age 12) and the couple had to split up due to an increased busy schedule.

It was known that while they were dating, they had a dedicated Instagram page for their relationship. The page is currently not available; as it was deleted after their breakup.

Loren Gray Net Worth

Loren Gray is estimated to have a net worth of over $300 thousand; gotten mostly from ads via her online activities.


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