Lita Ford Age, Weight, Height, Biography Information About


Lita Ford Age, Weight, Height, Biography Information About

Lita Ford Quick Info

Height 5 ft 5 in

Weight 58 kg

Date of Birth September 19, 1958

Zodiac Sign Virgo

Boyfriend None

Lita Ford is a proficient artist whose father is English and mother is Italian. The American artist is into overwhelming metal tunes. Her vocal range is considered to be mezzo-soprano. In her whole vocation, she has discharged tunes solo and additionally an individual from the band The Runaways (now dead). In 1995, she additionally enjoyed a reprieve of 10+ years from singing after the introduction of her children. She returned back to singing in 2008.

Conceived Name

Lita Rossana Ford



Lita Ford giving an execution at Jones Beach in July 2012 (Rufus/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

Sun Sign


Conceived Place

London, England, United Kingdom


Los Angeles, California, United States



Lita Ford’s formal instruction data isn’t accessible.


Shake guitarist, on-screen character, vocalist, and lyricist


Father –  Harry Leonard Ford

Mother – Isabella Ford

Kin – Unknown


Lita Ford is spoke to by Freeman Promotions (Publicist).


Glitz metal, overwhelming metal


Vocals, guitars


Mercury Records, RCA, JLRG Entertainment, SPV/Steamhammer




5 ft 5 in or 165 cm


58 kg or 128 lbs


Lita Ford has dated –

Glenn Tipton – Lita Ford is accounted for to have had a throw with guitarist Glenn Tipton, who was an individual from the music band Judas Priest. This indulgence was affirmed by Ford herself in her self-portrayal.

Dee Ramone – Lita has had a throw with artist and artist Dee Ramone, who established the musical crew The Ramones. It was even detailed that she had contracted crabs, which are little parasites that are generally found in the pubic hair.

John Entwistle – According to reports, Ford has had sexual relations with English bass guitarist and vocalist John Entwistle, who was additionally a piece of The Who, in the late seventies. They were imagined together at several occasions amid that time. He allegedly went ballistic one night after he saw beat up blemishes on her legs. He believed that she may be into sadomasochism yet the imprints had originated from horse riding.

Danny Bonaduce (1975) – Ford had a brief association with TV character and expert wrestler, Danny Bonaduce in 1975.

Eddie Van Halen – In the late seventies and mid eighties, Ford had companions with benefits condition with shake legend Eddie Van Halen, whom she used to call Edward since he evidently detested his ordinarily utilized name. In one intriguing account partook in her collection of memoirs, she was having a make-out session with Van Halen in her family room in 1980. Amidst their session on the floor, she discovered that somebody was kicking her lower leg and that somebody was an extensive man named Mark, with whom she had separated as of late. Stamp had moved up overhangs to arrive. Van Halen went nuts and got into the restroom and bolted it from inside. After she had persuaded Mark to leave, she found that Van Halen had gotten away from the restroom. Truth be told, he had figured out how to press himself out of the minor window over the shower and had dropped four stories down. He at that point acquired a dime from a child in the city to call 911.

Paul Cook – Lita has had a throw with Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. Obviously, he was going by her room when she was putting on something else. He saw her uncovering through the opening in the entryway. She at that point saw him and stared at him as opposed to covering herself. He at that point went into her space for an energetic sex session. She would supplement her lovemaking abilities in her collection of memoirs.

Nikki Sixx (1981-1984) – Lita Ford first met Nikki Sixx, the bassist and fellow benefactor of the musical gang, Mötley Crüe, at a gathering held at The Troubadour in December 1981. When she at first acquainted herself with him, he revealed to her that his name was Rick. Yet, when she disclosed to him that she needed to impart her medications to him, his state of mind changed. Their relationship began from Ford taking a touch of Quaalude and placing staying in Nikki’s mouth. They dated for around more than two years as they finished their relationship in June of 1984.

Mick Cocks (1984) – Immediately after her separation with Nikki Sixx, Ford snared with Australian performer Mick Cocks, who was an individual from the Australian band Heaven. They had developed close while recording his band’s single, Rock School. The tune had a visitor commitment from Ford, Glenn Hughes, and Ronnie James Dio.

Bon Jovi (1984) – according to her records in her life account, when she was recording her music collection Dancin’ on the Edge in New York, Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora were additionally working in a studio adjacent. They frequently used to hang out together. Following one night at the club Traxx, she welcomed Jovi, Sambora, Aldo Nova, and her closest companion Toni to her room at the Broadway Plaza Hotel. From that point onward, she continued to have a make-out session with Jovi. Be that as it may, their make out was hindered after Jovi begun vomiting ideal on the room cover.

Richie Sambora (1984) – However, Toni who was having her own make-out session with Sambora chose to escape the bed so Ford could play around with Sambora. Passage got in bed with Sambora and Jovi likewise recouped in the then. Aldo likewise chose to participate in the fun and the scene in the room diverted into a scene from an antiquated Roman blow out.

Tony Iommi (1985-1987) – Ford initially met guitarist and musician Tony Iommi after she was approached to open for his overwhelming metal band Black Sabbath. He was her godlike object and she was passed up his attractive great looks. The evening of their music appear, they dawdled a bit however couldn’t do much as his overwhelming cocaine manhandle had made him inept. Be that as it may, they stayed in touch and gradually their relationship advanced. In the long run, he welcomed her to meet his mom in England and keeping in mind that they were on the flight, all of a sudden, he punched her in the eye. When she met his mom, she saw Ford’s bruised eye and educated her that mishandle kept running in his family. Be that as it may, she didn’t notice the notice and they in the long run got ready for marriage. He manhandled her 4 to 5 times over the span of their relationship. The most noticeably awful scene happened soon after their engagement. He stifled her oblivious and when she came around, she discovered him holding a seat that he would crush in her face. She figured out how to roll rapidly enough to sidestep the seat and rushed to her previous beau Nikki Sixx’s home, who got her some heroin, which he said would take the agony away and help her rest.

Chris Holmes (1987-1992) – Ford began dating W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes in 1987. They took their relationship to the following level by getting hitched in June 1990. Nonetheless, their marriage scarcely kept going two years as they got separated in 1992.

Billy Sheehan (1987) – Ford had a toss with bassist Billy Sheehan in 1987. They had allegedly snared while working for some of her tracks, which were later discharged in 2016 in the collection, Time Capsule.

Jim Gillette (1983-2011) – Ford began going out with Jim Gillette, who was the vocalist for a metal band called Nitro, in the late spring of 1983. They got hitched in May 1984. In May 1997, she brought forth their first child, James Leonard Gillette. Their second child Rocco Gillette was conceived in June 2001. She chose to end their marriage in February 2011. Their separation was finished around two years after the fact. Notwithstanding, keeping in mind her kids, she once in a while talked about her marriage with Gillette. Yet, in her life account, she implied that he had pressured her to do a few things she never needed to, which incorporated the arrival of a 2009 rebound collection, Wicked Wonderland, which is broadly considered as her most noticeably bad work. Lita has even uncovered that proposed TLC reality appear about her family life was rejected after his significant other turned their youngsters against her. He was clearly miffed in light of the fact that she had taken control of the venture. It has likewise been uncovered that her children physically assaulted her after she chose to separate from Gillette. They were urged by their dad to assault her.

Lita Ford performing at Gods of Metal 2009 Day 1 (Shadowgate/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)



On her dad’s side, Lita has English parentage. While, on her mom’s side, she is of Italian drop.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Particular Features

Blonde locks

Unpredictable style sense


Brand Endorsements

Lita Ford has showed up in the TV advertisements for

Guitar Hero Computer diversion (2008)

Quest for new employment site, Indeed (2016)

In 1988, Lita was highlighted in print adverts for Titan guitar strings.

She has likewise had a support manage melodic instrument maker B.C. Rich. As a major aspect of the arrangement, she for the most part utilized B.C. Rich guitars in her live exhibitions.


Her religious perspectives aren’t known.

Best Known For

Being the lead guitarist of the all-young ladies American musical crew, The Runaways. They made a significant progress in the second 50% of the seventies with their singles, for example, Queen of Noise, Hollywood, and Cherry Bomb outlining at the highest point of the music diagrams.

The business achievement and fame of her performance studio collection, Lita. The collection was confirmed as ‘Platinum’ in the US and ‘Gold’ in Canada. It additionally topped at the 29th spot on the Billboard 200 diagrams.

Lita Ford singing at Jones Beach on July 13, 2012 (Rufus/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

In the first place Album

Her introduction studio collection with her music bunch was The Runaways, which was discharged in 1976 to fair achievement.

In 1983, she discharged her introduction solo collection, Out for Blood.

To begin with Film

In 1991, Lita influenced her showy film to make a big appearance in the enterprise parody flick, Highway to Hell.

Initially TV Show

In 1977, Lita Ford showed up as herself on the music TV arrangement, Whistle Test (initially titled as The Old Gray Whistle

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