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The Hodgetwins, known by the name Keith and Kevin Hodge are YouTube fitness experts and stand-up comedians who run a fitness outfit and an entertainment brand.

They were raised in Virginia and literally had nothing to show while growing up. They were so poor that they shoplifted hamburger meat and pasta from Wal-mart because they recalled that they didn’t have a decent supply of food at home.


Keith and Kevin Hodge were born in Martinsville, Virginia on the 17th of September 1975. Though the Hodgetwins were raised poor, they eventually worked their way to college and both got degrees in Accounting/Finance from the American InterContinental University. That was the start of great things for the twins.

The Hodgetwins had worked as undercover security guards, they have also worked in an insurance company and have been enlisted in the Marine Corp. According to sources, it was said that while they were working at the insurance company, they started making videos on YouTube but it wasn’t full time. However, with the views they were getting, they both decided to quit their jobs at the insurance company to begin making YouTube videos full time.

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YouTube Videos

In 2008, the Hodgetwins uploaded their first YouTube video on their channel. This was a video that involved an argument inside a restroom and gradually it became a popular comedy channel which kept people glued and expectant as they began to diversify into other topics like relationship among others.

The Hodgetwins are known for their slangs and fascinating names for objects. The slang they gave a woman’s vagina is ‘sugar walls’ and they refer to a man’s penis as ‘mushroom tip’. They eventually branched out into fitness and began uploading fitness videos on YouTube and this gained a huge popularity with the channel receiving over 1.8 million subscribers.

Their Youtube channel which was named Twin Muscle received a couple of harsh criticism and it was understood that the harsh criticism led to their disclaimer at the end of every video; Do whatever the f**k you want. In no time, this stuck and it soon became a famous and usual catchphrase used by the duo in their posts.




Over the last few years, Keith and Kevin have established themselves as stand-up comedians and actors. The Hodgetwins now go on world tours as they revealed that their comedy sets have been inspired by Bill Burr and Richard Pryor; both known for their narrative format infused with jokes based on personal stories of their lives, past experiences, growing up poor among other life events.

The Hodgetwins are also dedicated fitness lovers, most of their YouTube videos usually features a lot of their intense workout sessions. They work out twice a week and always advise their viewers to never give up on what they do. They make it clearly known that what may work for one person may not work for another, sometimes you have to try different things and combinations to reach your goal.

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Hodgetwins Net Worth, Height And Body Measurements


Their joint net worth is estimated to be over $3.5 million and both Keith and Kevin are doing well for themselves.

The Hodgetwins stand tall at the same height of 6 feet and 3 inches, they have well-built bodies and are very intimidating as it would seem. There is no known information about their weight but from their picture, you can tell they are huge.

Are the Hodgetwins Married? Wives, Kids and Family

The Hodgetwins are both happily married and have kids. Keith, as we understand, got married to his BFF and they have three children. Their relationship is truly special according to the couple. They met as friends and became best of friends. Keith’s wife is called Elizabeth and they have been married for over 16 years.

Kevin Hodge is also married and he has children. However, unlike his brother he shares little or no information about his wife and children, we do know that he is happily married.

There isn’t much information about their family, even though it is a fact that their parents had four children, an older sister, Rosalyn Hodge and an older brother whose name is not known.


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