Ashley Tisdale’s beloved friends are her two Maltipoo dogs


Dog Maui (Maltipoo) – since 2008

Dog Blondie (Maltipoo) – since 2005

We wonder how people choose for themselves a particular dog breed. Well, when a person pursues certain objectives, the choice is clear. But how to deal with this issue when there are no special requirements for the potential pet, but just to have a true friend?

Ashley Tisdale`s pets - dogs Blondie and Maui

dogs Blondie and Maui

Ashley’s beloved friends are her two Maltipoo dogs (a mixture of Maltese and Poodle) – Blondie and Maui.

It seems that in cases when people are looking for a friend or even a Family Information About member, they are guided by their sympathies.

That is why the majority of girls choose their four-legged friends from the small breeds: they are little and cute that any girl isn’t simply able to resist their charm. For example, a young actress from New Jersey – Ashley Tisdale could not resist the lovely snow-white lump Blondie, with a kind of charm gained with the help of three large black spots on the face – eyes and nose.

Doggie such as white and fluffy as Ashley herself!

Ashley Tisdale with her pet - dog Blondie



dog Blondie

Blondie lives in the Tisdale Family Information About for quite a long time. This sweet dog Ashley got from her parents as a birthday present in 2005. The dog’s name was immediately clear – Blonde and Blondie.

Age: 11 years

Female gender

Breed: Maltipoo

We can also see Blondie on Ashley’s DVD “There’s something about Ashley”. Some Ashley’s photo shoots were also accompanied by this dog.