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Alison Berns was an American actress and a television/radio host. She made a name for herself as the ex-wife of a famous radio host, director, producer, writer and television star Howard Stern. She is also known for working on some comedy-drama projects as an actress with her husband. Alison Berns was featured in ‘U.S. Open Sores’, ‘Negligee and Underpants Party (1988)’ and ‘Private Parts (1997)’. Howard Stern who she divorced in 2001 is not her only husband. Read on to find out all you need to know about this star.

Alison Berns Bio/Wiki

Alison Berns was born on May 26, 1954, in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, United States of America. She is of the White ethnicity and is a citizen of the United States even though there is no information about her true ancestry. Alison has a good educational background. She attended the Newton North High School, Newton, Massachusetts before going further to Boston University (where she met her ex-husband Howard). She graduated from Boston Uni in 1976 and proceeded further to acquire a degree in social works from the Columbia University.

Alison Berns Relationship With Howard Stern

Berns first met Howard Stern in college when he (Howard Stern) was pursuing his degree in Communications at Boston University. Alison, on the other hand, was pursuing her degree in social work. Stern had approached Alison with an offer to appear in a movie project he was involved in at the time – Transcendental Meditation. He used to make films for students and this was one of those which he was doing for a class. Did Alison Berns accept his offer? Of course, she did and they began working together in what became the beginning of a blissful marital relationship. Stern stated later in an interview that within a week of their work together, he knew she was going to be his wife and mother of his kids.

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It is worthy of note that Alison Berns was Howard Stern’s first girlfriend in college – and would go on to be the only one. Howard recalls that they saw a movie titled ‘Lenny’ on their first date. The movie was based on the true life story of Lenny Bruce – a Jewish-American stand-up comedian, social critic, and satirist, renowned for his open, free-style and critical form of comedy which integrated satire, politics, religion, sex, and vulgarity.

Alison Berns Married Life/Divorce

Alison Berns got married to her heartthrob, Howard Stern on June 4, 1978. The college sweethearts who were both just 24 years old at the time, were wedded at the Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline, Massachusett in a small ceremony attended by family members and close friends. The Temple Ohabei Shalom is the third oldest in New England and the oldest Jewish congregation in Massachusetts.



Their union could be said to be a very happy one, judging from their public appearances, interviews and shows together. It was a blissful one. The pair worked on several film projects together including Negligee and Underpants, U.S. Open Sores and Private Parts. They were always all over each other and it didn’t seem the relationship would end. That’s why their joy knew no bounds when in 1983, they welcomed their first child, Emily Beth. The couple had three children altogether. After Emily, Debra Jenifer was born in 1986 while Ashley Jade was born in 1993.

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As months turned to years, Alsion began to feel alone and the relationship began to strain. Her husband, Howard Stern had become very successful with his career in TV and radio hosting as his show, ‘The Howard Stern Show’ had become famous. It gained an international following bringing him so much popularity. He became too focused on work, putting in so much effort and time to sustain the rhythm while neglecting his family in the process. In fact, his work became more important than his family, and even his friends.

Stern moved out of the house into a 4000 sq. foot apartment in Manhattan after they decided to call time on their marriage in October 1999. In 2001, they finally brought their 23-year-old union to an end through a divorce. However, Alison began to date David Scott Simon the same year of the divorce and would later marry him on November 23, 2001. They are still married and are happy together with Alison working as a PR manager in David Simon’s company. Her now ex-husband, Stern also dated Angie Everhart and later model and television host, Beth Ostrosky, who he married in 2008.

Alison Berns’ Husband – Howard Stern

Alison Berns first husband, Howard Allan Stern is a television personality, author, actor, producer and photographer. He is mainly known for his radio show, ‘The Howard Stern show’. Stern put all his heart into trying to become a professional radio host. He worked at any radio broadcasting service he could find or that needed his help just to learn the trade better. It was his life. During his second year in college, he worked at the colleges’ radio station, WTBU where he became the voice of the station. He did everything – he hosted comedy shows, read news, played music, etc. And from then on, we can see the success he made out of it.


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Allison was obsessed with Radio and TV and it cost him his first marriage and family. The way Stern ‘married’ his career did not only affect Alison Berns, it also affected other members of his family, including their daughters. The first daughter, Emily Beth while granting an interview to New York Post stated categorically that her father destroyed her emotional life. She blamed him for her inability to relate properly with the opposite sex.

Howard Stern is trying to make amends with his second marriage to Beth Ostrosky, he is now more in touch with the family as he tries to control his obsession with work.

Alison Berns Net Worth

Berns’ current annual salary is not known. However, her net worth is estimated to be at $20 million.


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